Collection: Fall arrester

Workplace accidents are always a concern for operators and workplace safety managers. These accidents can have catastrophic consequences for workers and their families, as well as cause economic and reputational damage for the companies involved. For this reason, the use of fall arrest products is essential in many work activities, especially when working at great heights or in dangerous environments such as roofs, bridges or cranes. The main goal of these products is to protect workers from falls that can cause serious injury or even death.

The Y-shaped fall arrest lanyard and energy absorber is one of the most common and reliable fall arrest products on the market. This product consists of a lanyard with two Y-shaped ends, connecting to a carabiner on one end and a safety device on the other. The energy absorber is a device located on the center section of the lanyard that activates when the worker falls, reducing the impact and limiting the risk of serious injury. This type of product is very popular in a wide range of industries, including construction, maintenance, logistics and many others.

Another fall arrest lanyard option is the lanyard complete with energy absorber and carabiners. This product offers greater versatility, as the lanyard can be used on different types of safety equipment, such as lifelines. This type of lanyard is designed to provide maximum protection and comfort, with greater durability and strength than the Y-lanyard. This type of product is ideal for jobs where greater flexibility and adaptability is required.

The 120mm by 150cm fall arrest positioning lanyard is another type of fall arrester product that is used in many industries. This lanyard is designed to be used as a support when working on inclined or vertical surfaces, allowing workers to position themselves safely and accurately. This type of product is especially useful in situations where work needs to be done on uneven or hard-to-reach surfaces, such as walls or cranes.

The fall arrest tool lanyard up to 2.2 kg is a very useful product for workers who need to carry equipment or work tools with them while at height. This product is designed to be used with a heavy duty carabiner, which can be attached to the safety harness belt. In this way, the worker can have at hand the tools he needs to do the job, reducing the risk of falls and consequently injury.

The Kuiper 1 safety harness is an economical yet reliable choice, suitable for general purpose use in many work-at-height situations. Made with high resistance polyester straps and equipped with a dorsal anchor ring and a sternum, it is easy to put on and adjust, ensuring a good fit.

Kuiper Plus 3 is instead a more advanced option, designed to offer greater comfort and greater safety. Made of padded fabric to reduce pressure on the operator's shoulders, back and thighs, it has two dorsal anchor rings, one sternum and one ventral, allowing for a wide range of working positions. In addition, the ergonomic shoulder straps and adjustment buckles make the harness easy to adjust to the operator's build.

The top of the range of Kuiper safety harnesses is the Kiuper Pro 4 model , which offers superior protection against falls from extreme heights. Featuring four anchor rings, one dorsal, one sternum, one ventral and one on the back, it allows the operator to position himself in different angles, while the padded straps and quick release buckles ensure greater comfort and quick adaptation to the body .

Using these safety harnesses can offer many benefits to workers working at height. First, they provide effective protection against falls, preventing injury and even death. Secondly, they allow the operator to work with greater freedom and safety, without having to worry about falling or losing balance. Finally, Kuiper safety harnesses are made of high quality materials, resistant to wear and corrosion, ensuring excellent durability and greater safety for many years of use.

In summary, the purchase of an adequate fall arrest safety harness is an important investment in the safety of workers, offering effective protection against falls and allowing them to work at height with greater freedom and safety.

Quick-connect steel carabiner for fall arrest anchoring
The steel quick-connect carabiner for fall arrest anchor is another important safety device. This carabiner connects to the safety harness to anchor the worker to the lifeline or other anchoring structure.

The steel quick release carabiner is extremely robust and resistant. It is capable of withstanding large loads, thus ensuring maximum safety when working at great heights.

Oval opening steel carabiner 19 mm for fall arrest anchoring
The 19mm steel oval opening carabiner for fall arrest anchoring is another important anchoring device for worker safety. This carabiner is made of galvanized steel, making it resistant to corrosion.

This type of carabiner has an oval shape that allows you to easily hook the lifeline or other anchoring structures. In addition, it has a large opening that allows you to easily attach other safety devices, such as a fall arrest lanyard.

The 20m horizontal fall arrest temporary lifeline is an essential tool to ensure the safety of operators working at height. This type of device creates a physical barrier that prevents falling from a height, providing a safe anchor point for operators and allowing them to move along the horizontal axis. The 20m horizontal fall arrest temporary lifeline is easy to install and can be used in a wide range of work environments from construction sites to industrial manufacturing.