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Kuiper Pro 4 Fall Arrest Safety Harness | UFO

Kuiper Pro 4 Fall Arrest Safety Harness | UFO

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Fall arrest safety harness

It offers maximum protection and comfort during any operation involving a risk of falling.

Choosing the right harness can save a life. UFO offers a range of classic fall arrest harnesses to suit different work environments. The harnesses are designed to easily adapt to different body shapes and ensure a good level of comfort and dexterity for workers thanks to their adjustable straps.

Safety harness with positioning belt, Rescue, Descent, dorsal and sternal attachment, padded backrest,

Construction and maintenance, free fall arrest, elevated work platform, ladder climbing, tower harness, rescue, rappelling, work positioning


CE EN361:2002, EN358:2018, EN1497:2007, EN813:2008.

A UFO fall arrest harness with integrated carrying bag. It offers the user extra comfort and allows for quick storage. Reversible neoprene bag with comfort backrest

  • Harness with 2 attachment points: 1 sternal on a fabric ring and 1 dorsal on a metal D.
  • Our harness innovates with its anti-seize buckles on the thighs that reduce the user's effort during a fall.
  • Easy to adjust with flat buckles on the shoulder straps for a perfect fit (black galvanized steel male/female buckle).
  • Removable tool holder.
  • 45mm high strength polyester safety harness,
  • with waist belt,
  • 1 dorsal attachment D-ring,
  • sternal attachment D-ring (EN361 and EN1497),
  • 2 D-rings on the sides on the waist belt (EN358) for work positioning,
  • central D-ring at the waist (EN813),
  • rear padded back panel, 5 adjustable points (shoulders, waist, thighs),
  • CE EN361:2002, EN358:2018, EN1497:2007, EN813:2008.
  • Fall arrest harness for work with risk of falling.
  • Suitable for use in industry and building maintenance.
  • To maximize safety during maintenance operations at height, discover our range of safety helmets.
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