Collection: Respiratory protection

Respiratory protection is a fundamental aspect in the protection of health and safety in the workplace . There are many types of respiratory protection available on the market, such as self-rescuers and FFP2 folding masks. In this article, we'll explore the benefits of using this respiratory protective equipment and why it's important to worker health.

Dezega self-rescuers are escape devices designed to ensure worker survival in the event of an emergency , such as an explosion or fire. The CI30KS has a duration of 30 minutes and the 1PVM KS has a duration of 60 minutes. Both devices are designed to be worn on the worker's waist and are easy to use. In an emergency, the worker can activate the device and breathe through the filter mask to get clean air . This is particularly useful in situations where the surrounding air may be contaminated with toxic substances or dust.

In addition, the Dezega escape device trainers C and 1T2 are useful for training workers in the proper use of escape devices . These trainers are available for both the CI30KS and the 1PVM KS, with disposable sets for 30 and 60 minute training. Training is important to ensure workers are able to use escape devices correctly in an emergency.

In addition to self-rescuers, FFP2 folding masks are another form of respiratory protection available. These masks are designed to protect the worker from particles suspended in the air, such as fine dust, bacteria and viruses. FFP2 masks are equipped with a filter that blocks particles up to a certain size, making them effective for most industrial activities.

There are many benefits to using these respiratory protective devices. First, workers wearing escape devices are able to breathe clean air in an emergency, which can save their lives. Additionally, FFP2 masks are effective in protecting workers from airborne particles, which can reduce the risk of respiratory illnesses.

Using respiratory protective equipment can also help reduce costs associated with respiratory illnesses. Respiratory diseases are a leading cause of workplace injuries and can be costly to treat. The use of respiratory protective equipment can reduce the risk of respiratory diseases, which can help reduce costs associated with worker health.