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Steel Quick Connect Carabiner Fall Protection Anchor | UFO

Steel Quick Connect Carabiner Fall Protection Anchor | UFO

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With its large opening, self-closing function and steel body, this carabiner will quickly become a must-have for your travels.

  • Efficient,
  • light and robust,
  • it is the ideal tool for creating interconnections for your equipment.
  • Indispensable to complete your fall protection.
  • Steel with a large double action opening.
  • Suitable for use in the construction and industrial sectors.

Ideal for jobs where the user is constantly on the move. Locking system to prevent the hook from opening. A device that can be opened 65mm to connect to other components

Quick fit hook, opening 65mm, EN 362:2004, weight 0.34 Kg

Choice of carabiners:

There are many different types of carabiners and it's not always easy to find the right one. Remember that the carabiner, in climbing and mountaineering, is the part used to connect the climber to the rope. It is therefore important to know which carabiner to use in which situation.

The carabiner is a connector that is also used in other areas such as via ferrata, caving and working at height. Carabiners are also used in water sports.

Carabiners can also be used to attach multiple ropes, slings, equipment, or connect pulleys.

However, all carabiners have the same anatomy and are equipped with a body, a finger and often a locking system.

The body:

The body of the carabiner is made of metal or aluminum. It is this part that resists the force exerted by various devices, including the rope. Depending on the use, carabiners can have different shapes.

Tips for care and storage:

The carabiners must be cleaned with fresh water without chemicals. Drying must be done in a ventilated area away from any heat source.

They should be stored in a dry, cool and ventilated place away from light.

If you notice pronounced wear or a malfunction on one of your carabiners, don't take any chances: discard the damaged equipment and renew your equipment to avoid any accidents.


  • quick release hook,
  • 65mm opening,
  • EN 362:2004
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