Collection: Clothing

Welder's clothing is an important aspect of safety and protection at work. Welders are exposed to hazards such as sparks, heat and flames, and the use of appropriate clothing and accessories can greatly reduce the risk of injury.

One of the most important items of clothing for a welder is the leather jacket . The leather welder jacket offers full protection from sparks and flames and prevents the risk of serious skin injuries. Leather is a strong and durable material that can withstand the toughest working conditions. The leather welder's jacket often has a high collar to protect the neck and a snap or zip fastening.

To protect your feet, cowhide welding shoe covers are an ideal choice. These shoe covers are made from heat resistant leather and offer full protection to welders shoes. Cowhide shoe covers often feature a non-slip sole to improve traction and safety on the jobsite floor.

The leather apron for welders is another essential piece of protective clothing . The Welder Leather Apron protects the chest, stomach and legs from the dangers of sparks and flames. It is available in various designs and sizes to suit different needs and working styles. The leather apron for welders often features pockets that are useful for storing work tools.

Welders' work gloves are another important component of protective clothing . Size 10 Kevlar Stitched Welder Gloves offer extra protection against sparks and heat. Kevlar is a strong and durable synthetic fiber that can withstand high temperatures and resist cuts and abrasions. Size 10 fits well with most welders and offers a secure grip on work tools.

Welding sleeves made of cowhide are another essential part of welding clothing. The cowhide leather sleeves with adjustable Velcro and elastic closure offer extra protection for the welders arms. The adjustable closure allows you to adjust the sleeves to the right length, while the elastic band helps keep the sleeves in place. The cowhide sleeves protect the arms from the dangers of sparks and flames and are resistant to high temperatures.