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12mm fall arrest positioning lanyard, 150cm | UFO

12mm fall arrest positioning lanyard, 150cm | UFO

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Kermantle Positioning Lanyard 12mm, 150cm - UFO

The 12mm kermantle positioning rope is designed for working at height. The standard diameter ensures a good grip for easy handling and guarantees high flexibility and constant performance over time.

The positioning rope is made of 12 mm diameter polyester rope, which is particularly wear-resistant and equipped with an energy absorber, ideal for use on platforms.

High Load Capacity: The braided rope has a tensile strength of up to 200-300kg and high strength. With the same tensile force, its carrying capacity is higher than that of steel rope.

Work positioning, aerial work platform

Fall arrest lanyard complete with energy absorber and carabiners, 180cm, CE EN355:2002, weight 0.24 Kg

A positioning rope is strictly reserved for use to restrict the user's movements. Under no circumstances should the user with a restraint lanyard be used in an environment where there is a risk of falling. The restraint system is precisely defined for each place where it will be used.


  • Made from heavy duty 12mm Kermantle material,
  • length 1500mm,
  • with protective eyelets,
  • without carabiners,
  • Positioning lanyard 12mm, 150cm, CE EN354:2010.
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