Collection: Rescue arks

In the event of a fire along the construction of galleries, tunnels or in mines, the emergency must be managed by placing all workers in safety inside the rescue arks.
UFO SPACE is the official distributor of portable and autonomous systems for escape with the DEZEGA brand.

Lifeboats are safety devices used in emergency situations where workers need to be evacuated from a dangerous area. These life saving devices can be used in a variety of industries including the oil and gas industry, construction, mining and shipbuilding.

One of the main benefits of using life arks is the safety they offer to workers. In the event of an emergency, these devices allow workers to quickly leave the hazardous area they are in, reducing the risk of injury or worse. This is especially important in high-risk industries, such as those mentioned earlier.

There are several types of rescue arks available on the market, including the Dezega Self-Rescuer Escape Device CI30KS 30 min and the Dezega Self-Rescuer Escape Device 1 PVM KS 60 min. Both devices are designed to be easy to put on and use in an emergency. The CI30KS offers a duration of 30 minutes, while the PVM KS offers a full hour of protection.

In addition, there are also dezega escape device trainers and testers, such as the dezega CI30KS 30 min Escape Device Trainer C and the CI30KS 30 min UPG Escape Device Tester. These tools help ensure that workers are properly trained in the use of the devices and that the devices themselves function properly in the event of an emergency.

Other useful tools include the Steel Crowbar, which can be used to open locked doors or windows, the 20m 34k Braided Kevlar Rope, which can be used for safely descending tall buildings, and the Bolt Cutter. Steel, 750 mm wire cutter, which can be used to cut objects such as cables and chains.

In conclusion, the use of life arks and other safety tools can be essential to ensure the safety of workers in emergency situations. Choosing the right device for your industry and making sure your workers are properly trained in using these devices can help prevent accidents and ensure workplace safety.