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20m Horizontal Fall Arrester Temporary Lifeline | UFO

20m Horizontal Fall Arrester Temporary Lifeline | UFO

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Temporary 20m horizontal lifeline - UFO

The advantage of this temporary lifeline is that it can be quickly erected and disassembled to secure a work site at height with a risk of falling. The temporary horizontal lifeline is constructed of strong polyester webbing.
Horizontal temporary lifeline in sturdy polyester webbing. Steel tensioning device. Supplied with two anchor rings and two steel connectors.

20m horizontal lifeline kit, complete with carabiners, CE EN795:2002, weight 3.30Kg

Movable anchor point

The lifeline must be designed and constructed in such a way as to allow the passage of the intermediate structural anchors without having to detach them.
- the mobile anchor point can be used on any type of lifeline (simple and universal carabiner system), to facilitate interventions by external contractors.
- If the crossing device is specific to the lifeline model, order it with the lifeline and make it available to the participants (internal or external companies). Prohibit the use of another device (risk of injury to the lifeline).

The type of protection required

Lifeline :

Such a device is essential to allow the user, before attaching himself to the lifeline, to visually check whether it has been used to arrest a man from falling or whether it has been subjected to a greater overload. As these causes may have weakened the resistance of an element (lifeline, supports, etc.), it must not be reused until intervention by the manufacturer or a competent repairer.
In the absence of such a device, measuring the lifeline's deflection would only provide a general indication, assuming the user knows the initial deflection value to decide if the line is fit for use.

The mounting, attachment and adjustment components must be effectively locked in their initial tension and flexion positions and have a visible lock indicator.
This is essential to allow the user, after having attached himself to the lifeline, to carry out a visual examination of the parts away from the access point under conditions which only expose the user to the detection of signs which do not compromise his safety (traces of incipient corrosion, start of loosening, etc.)

Opportunity for use:

flexible and portable, easy to install and disassemble, suitable for frequent operation in a short time.
The horizontal lifeline system is widely used for high altitude mobile operations. A horizontal lifeline is erected between two suspension points. The operator is connected to the lifeline by an intermediate link device and moves freely along the path of the lifeline. The lifeline system can prevent personnel from falling.

Transportable horizontal lifeline, versatile and quick to install

Quick and easy installation

Using a horizontal lifeline to ensure the user's safety is the more practical option in many cases. However, the assembly and installation time of the system is often very long.
Ideally, there should be a quick way to install the system without slowing down your work. And that's exactly what the new UFO lifeline allows!
Simply attach the carabiners to the appropriate anchor points and tighten the line with the integrated ratchet and the system is ready to use.
This lifeline can be used for a length of up to 20m, depending on the model chosen.

Work with confidence

Excess unused slings are stored in the appropriate bag, so that they are not damaged by foot traffic, dirty or worn.
The integrated energy absorber doubles as a fall indicator so the user can see if the strap is in good condition. The integrated energy absorber also acts as a fall indicator, allowing the user to see if the line has already avoided a fall and, if so, to disable it to avoid any risk to others.
The carabiner of the absorber or of a fall arrest lanyard is attached directly to the line, which also prevents the loss or damage of the components.

Wide range of applications

The UFO lifeline is suitable for a wide variety of applications, especially when working for a limited amount of time.
Quick and easy assembly and disassembly makes it ideal for this type of application.
Construction, in particular, is an industry where the benefits of this lifeline can be fully exploited. Once the work on one site is completed, the line can simply be disassembled and reassembled at the next site


  • Horizontal temporary anchor line,
  • 30mm high strength 100% polyester webbing,
  • weight 3.25Kg
  • adjustable length from 2 to 20 meters,
  • complete with 2 25Kn steel carabiners,
  • ratchet tensioner,
  • complete with nylon carrying bag,
  • CE EN795:2002
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