Dezega Self-Rescuer Escape Device 1PVM KS 60 min | UFO

Dezega Self-Rescuer Escape Device 1PVM KS 60 min | UFO

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IPVM escape device self-rescuer KS

This escape device is a portable device that can be easily worn using the supplied fabric shoulder strap.

An oxygen self-rescuer or self-contained rescue device (SCSR) is portable equipment that supplies breathable air when the surrounding atmosphere is deficient in oxygen or contaminated with toxic gases, such as carbon monoxide. Self rescuers are intended for use in mines, tunneling or other areas where there is a risk of sudden fire or explosion, which can change the quality of the surrounding air, making it dangerous to breathe. When no outside help is immediately available, workers have to resort to self-rescuers and fight their way to safety or an already equipped underground shelter on their own – and Dräger self-rescuers ensure they have the time to do so.

This escape device is a portable device that can be easily worn using the appropriate belt clips (not supplied).
CE STANDARDS: EN 13794:2002


Its lightness (just 3.00 kg) and compact design (diameter 150mm, height 262mm)
make the 1PVM KS one of the most compact escape devices on the world market.


The most important feature of our device is that the temperature
of the air you breathe is at least 5°C lower than any other product
trade (in some cases you even get to have 10°C less).


The device is easily activated in just a few seconds.


A heat shield protects the user from the increase in temperature caused by the chemical reaction which is triggered by the automatic start of the
produced when the lid is opened (KS2).


The 1PVM KS is equipped with an external humidity indicator, which can be easily inspected, which allows verification of the correct state of conservation of the appliance and its watertightness without the need to use expensive external test instruments to verify it.


  • Its 10-year operational life is the longest currently on the market.
  • Technical features
  • Dimensions : diameter 150mm, height 262mm
  • Weight kg. 3.00
  • Initial phase use temperature: 38°C
  • Terminal phase maximum temperature: 45/50°C
  • Average oxygen concentration 21%
  • Maximum CO2 concentration: 1.5%
  • Maximum breathing resistance: 0.75 kPa

Duration of use

  • Escape Situation (running): 60 minutes
  • State of rest (sitting): 180 minutes
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