Trainer C for DEZEGA CI30KS escape device 30 min | UFO

Trainer C for DEZEGA CI30KS escape device 30 min | UFO

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Trainer c for ci30ks escape device 30 min

The breathing apparatus contains a cartridge with chemically bound oxygen (KO2), sufficient to leave a danger zone within 30 minutes or to wait for rescue up to 1.5 hours. As the oxygen is released, the active substance in the cartridge simultaneously absorbs the carbon dioxide, and thus the rebreather completely isolates the user's respiratory organs from the unbreathable atmosphere.

The Ci-30 KS is a self-contained breathing apparatus for life support which is used for the escape of the unbreathable atmosphere from medium and short range routes.

With the help of TRAINER C devices, users can easily train breathing under specific working conditions as well as wearing and using the Ci-30 KS devices


TRAINER C (basic configuration) – Imitates the cartridge and mouthpiece (replaceable) to practice the donning and use procedure
Disposable 15-minute training kit for practicing breathing conditions
Disposable 30 minute training kit for practicing breathing conditions
The HME mimics respiratory resistance
Operating time with disposable kit (depends on the type of kit used): 15, 30 min
Duration of the self-rescue service, 5 years


Length 198mm
Width 112mm
Height 200mm
Usage parameters
Inhalation temperature when using the regenerative cartridge or disposable kit: max 60°С,
Breathing resistance: max 1 kPa
Weight: max 2.5kg

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