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First Aid Case ABS Attachment 2 Adriamed CAT. C | UFO

First Aid Case ABS Attachment 2 Adriamed CAT. C | UFO

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First aid kit ABS Enclosure 2, cat. c

A first aid kit, as the name suggests, is a briefcase containing medical supplies. In many cases, they can be used to treat wounds, stings, bites, and household accidents. It does not replace a visit to a doctor or the emergency room, depending on the severity of the case, but allows you to give first aid if necessary. No one is immune from the need for treatment. An injury or accident can happen at any time. The severity of the injuries can vary. To deal with the most urgent situations, you need to have a range of medical products and accessories on hand. That's why it's often imperative to have a first aid kit at home, in the car or at work.

What should you have in a first aid kit?

First of all, a distinction must be made between accessories and medicines. The latter should be limited in the first aid kit. They must not allow for any interaction with a treatment that might be given in a medical context. One should also avoid a possible allergy.

For accessories, it is essential to find sterile compresses to apply to wounds or burns. The elastic net will allow you to make a bandage. A thermometer is mandatory to check the temperature of the sick person. Fever can be a key indicator. A pair of scissors, a tubular bandage (to be placed on the fingers), and plaster will help hold the elastic shirt in place. Finally, a hemostatic cushion allows, in case of bleeding, to stop the flow of blood, waiting for help.

Contents :

  • 2 pairs of disposable sterile gloves
  • 1 Bottle of 10% povidone-iodine cutaneous solution of 125 ml
  • 1 Bottle of saline solution (sodium chloride 0.9%) of 250 ml
  • 3 Sterile gauze compresses 10x10 cm in individual envelopes
  • 1 Sterile gauze compress 18x40 cm in single envelope
  • 1 Disposable sterile dressing tweezers
  • 1 Pack of cotton wool 50 g
  • 1 Pack of 20 pcs. ready-to-use assorted plasters
  • 1 Roll of plaster on spool m 5x2,5 cm
  • 1 Hemmed gauze bandage m 5x10 cm
  • 1 Scissors for autoclavable dressings 14.5 cm
  • 1 Hypoallergenic tourniquet
  • 1 instant ice bag ready to use
  • 1 Disposable bag for the collection of medical waste
  • Instructions on how to use the aforementioned principals
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