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Low Safety Work Shoes in Leather with Toe Cap and Composite Midsole S1P SRC | UFO

Low Safety Work Shoes in Leather with Toe Cap and Composite Midsole S1P SRC | UFO

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URANUS Work Shoes in Leather with Composite Toe Cap and Midsole, S1P SRC

Low shoe in leather and inserts in breathable fabric, composite midsole and toe cap, S1P SRC, low profile rubber sole, ideal for those jobs where lightness and breathability are needed. Suitable for jobs where there is little presence of water and temperatures can be high. Attractive design and reflective inserts that help the operator's visibility and safety at night.

Leather Work Shoes

Is the standard different between a low safety shoe?The standard is different between a low safety shoe?

Whether it is a low or high safety shoe, all safety shoes must comply with the European standard CE EN20345:2011 S1P SRC, which regulates the marketing of safety shoes.
Then within this standard there are some fundamental requirements. Low and high-top safety shoes must meet these basic requirements, which are grouped under the SB mark. For the other markings SBP, S1, S1P, S2 and S3 the reasoning is identical. A safety shoe, whether low or high, can get these markings, the height of the upper of the safety shoe has no influence on whether it gets them.
However, there is an additional requirement that high-top safety shoes can achieve, unlike their low-cut counterpart. This is the AN requirement, which pertains to the protection of the malleoli.

The advantages of low safety shoes

If the high safety shoe is more comfortable in the cold season, the low safety shoe is more bearable in the hot season. The foot is less closed.

Some people prefer flat safety shoes because they are quicker to put on. However, be careful to take your time for your own safety. If your environment calls for a high-heeled safety shoe, don't choose the low-heeled shoe for comfort. Always take time for your safety.

Some people can't stand having material on their ankles and malleoli because they are not used to it and find the high safety shoe restrictive.

A low safety shoe is often lighter. There is a difference of about 30g-60g between a low and a high safety shoe. Lightness is an important criterion for the user, because the lighter the safety shoe, the less fatigue it feels at the end of the day.

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