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High Safety Work Shoes in Synthetic with Steel Toe Cap and Midsole S1P SRC | UFO

High Safety Work Shoes in Synthetic with Steel Toe Cap and Midsole S1P SRC | UFO

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MOON work shoes in synthetic with toe cap and iron midsole, S1P SRC

Safety shoes in leather, with toe cap and midsole in composite with optimal protection against electrostatic discharges.

UFO high-top safety shoes, light and comfortable, with upper in water-repellent natural leather and anti-shock buttress, toe cap and metal midsole, anti-puncture, S1P SRC. The sole is in breathable leather with technical inserts for greater comfort.

Synthetic work shoes with iron tip and midsole

Is the standard different for high safety shoes?

Whether it is a low or high safety shoe, all safety shoes must comply with the European standard CE EN20345:2011, which regulates the marketing of safety shoes.

Then within this standard there are some fundamental requirements. Low and high-top safety shoes must meet these basic requirements, which are grouped under the SB mark. For the other markings SBP, S1, S1P, S2 and S3 the reasoning is identical. A safety shoe, both low and high, can obtain these markings, the height of the upper of the safety shoe has no influence on obtaining them.

However, there is an additional requirement that high-top safety shoes can achieve, unlike their low-cut counterpart. This is the AN requirement, which pertains to the protection of the malleoli.

The advantages of high safety shoes

  • It can be said that in a dirty, muddy or wet environment - mostly outdoors - the high safety shoe is more suitable.
  • It can prevent dirt from entering the shoe. It is also preferable to choose high safety shoes when there is a risk of hot objects being thrown, such as in metal trades: welders, blacksmiths, etc. It should be noted that for these professions, specific upright boots or models without laces are recommended.
  • High-top safety shoes are also more suitable for protecting against the cold, and are therefore more suitable for winter outdoors, for example, or in working environments where it is cold, such as warehouses or cold rooms, for example.
  • If in your work you walk on floors littered with objects or with many obstacles, then high-top safety shoes will also provide extra protection for your ankles as they provide better support.
  • As mentioned earlier in this article, high-top safety shoes offer better ankle protection, especially with the ability to standardize AN safety shoes with an ankle protector.
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