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NEW VENUS HC Work Shoes in Leather with Toe Cap and Metal Free Foil, S3 SRC ESD

Safety shoes in leather, with toe cap and midsole in composite with optimal protection against electrostatic discharges.

UFO high-top safety shoes, light and comfortable, with upper in water-repellent natural leather and anti-shock buttress, toe cap and metal midsole, anti-puncture, S3 SRC ESD. The sole is in breathable leather with technical inserts for greater comfort.

Leather safety work shoes with toecap and metal foil

Venus HS S3 SRC ESD water repellent high-top shoes super robust. Ideal for heavy jobs where you need to look at concreteness and sturdiness. Upper made of water repellent full grain leather and dual density polyurethane sole SRC ESD. They are S3 certified with composite toe and midsole. Completely Metal Free, ESD requirements for optimal protection against electrostatic discharges. They have a quick release that allows immediate opening. Reflective insert that helps the visibility and night safety of the operator. They are the shoes that best combine price and safety.
Shoes are classified as ESD shoes when the electrical resistance of the person-shoe-floor system is greater than 1 x 105 Ω or 0.1 M Ω and less than 3.5 x 107 Ω or 35 M Ω. A shoe with ESD capability is therefore always also an antistatic shoe.