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High-top Safety Work Shoes in NABUK Leather with Composite Toe Cap and Midsole S3 SRC | UFO

High-top Safety Work Shoes in NABUK Leather with Composite Toe Cap and Midsole S3 SRC | UFO

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Nubuck leather high-top safety work shoes with composite toe cap and midsole (SATURN)

UFO safety shoes offer exceptional value for money. The upper is made of soft suede with Cordura inserts. The UFO is an easy and comfortable work shoe. Well balanced in terms of weight and softness, it is suitable for all types of work, although it is particularly popular in the industrial and artisan sectors. A shoe that adapts very well to the construction site, offering a high level of protection thanks to the ergonomic steel plate and the safety toe cap which resists a pressure of 200 Joules!

CE EN20345:2011 S3 SRC

Foot safety is of paramount importance, being one of the most important mechanical systems in the human body. Choosing the right anti-fatigue shoe should be based on three criteria:
- The risks present in the working environment (heat, static electricity, slippery surfaces, unfavorable climate, etc.)
- The configuration of the environment and the presence in it of different types of liquids (water, oil, acids, hydrocarbons, etc.), pollutants, sludge or other elements
- The level of foot comfort required during long working hours.

These shoes are characterized by their degree of protection against the impact of heavy objects, perforation and crushing, as they are shoes with a toe cap that protects against impacts of up to 200 joules, made with different materials such as carbon, kevlar and the steel. To be clear, an impact force of 200 joules is equivalent to a 20 kg body falling from a height of 1 meter. These requirements apply to construction shoes, for example.
A feature of these shoes is that they combine protection against the risk of injury with comfort and foot health.

The reference for these shoes is the CE EN20345:2011 S3 SRC standard, which classifies shoes according to the requirements they must meet. The classification categories based on the level of protection are identified by the abbreviation "S" and range from level SB, corresponding to the basic requirements of the standard, with protection against injuries caused by foot compression, to level S5 with high heat dissipation properties. electrostatic charges on the ground and high resistance to perforation of the aluminized cores (splinters, nails, ferrous materials, etc.).

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