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Bentonite joint mesh | PROLINE

Bentonite joint mesh | PROLINE

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Mesh for Bentonite joint

Bentonite is a hydro-expansive waterstop joint, which expands approximately 600% of its original dry volume.
Bentonite is an ecological and easy to use system:
the installation by means of nails or special glue is simple and fast.
The use of wire mesh facilitates installation and protects the bentonite from damage during pouring and compaction of the concrete. Nonetheless, due to its highly compact, elastic and plastic properties, bentonite resists perfectly to the casting phases (without mesh) remaining perfectly intact. Furthermore, these properties easily balance the initial hydraulic shrinkage of the concrete.
- can fill small gravel nests.
- does not dissolve in water and is not polluting (does not contain harmful substances).
It is resistant to molds and microorganisms.
- Ability to swell up to the maximum degree of expansion without losing consistency and therefore without the risk of leaching of the bentonite gel.
- Delayed expansion for installation even in difficult weather conditions (minimum expansion in the first 48 hours).
- Bentonite compound with butyl rubber can contact with drinking water without pollution problem.


Apply the mesh directly on the bentonite joint.
Fix the mesh by nailing it every 25 cm.
It is necessary to use 1 meter of mesh for each linear meter of BENTOFAIT bentonite waterstop.

Technical data

  • Steel wire section 0.9 mm
  • Mesh section 10.6 x 10.6 mm

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