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Complete emergency eyewash kit - complete with hanging case | UFO

Complete emergency eyewash kit - complete with hanging case | UFO

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Complete emergency eyewash kit, complete with hanging case

Eye wash stations or portable eye wash stations are essential emergency equipment to have in the workplace. In the event of chemical burns or foreign body contamination, an eyewash solution allows you to react quickly to avoid eye damage. More and more companies are installing an eyewash station in the workplace to ensure safety and to provide emergency assistance to their employees in the event of an accident. Furthermore, this first aid device is even becoming mandatory in some fields of activity if employees are exposed to eye hazards. Here we take a closer look at the regulations, the different eye wash solutions and what to do if you get a chemical burn.

Regulation on eye washes: the obligations of the employer

An eyewash solution becomes mandatory for areas of activity where employees are exposed to chemical risks and any other risk of projection of solid or liquid bodies.

For example, the use of an eyewash is necessary for fields of activity such as laboratories, chemical, food, pharmaceutical, metallurgical, carpentry industries, etc.

The different eye wash solutions

An eyewash solution is intended to help a person who has received splashes of chemicals, liquids or solids in the eye. Thus, to neutralize these chemicals or to evacuate foreign bodies from the eye, to quickly treat and prevent all serious eye injuries and complications.

We advise you to choose the right eye wash solution based on the risks it poses.
You will find two types of products to meet your needs:

Eye wash based on 0.9% sodium chloride (corresponds to the natural salt content of the aqueous humor of the eye) to be used to remove foreign bodies from the eyes such as wood splinters, metal splinters, solvents, oils or powders .

Eye drops also known as pH Neutral which is a 4.9% phosphate buffer solution that quickly and effectively neutralizes acidic and basic chemicals.

Following a chemical burn to the eye, it is strongly recommended to accompany pH Neutral with an eye wash to optimize treatment and reduce the degree of severity until emergency services are called.

To distinguish each of these solutions, there is a color code applied directly to the packaging. Very useful in case of emergency:

Saline solution (sodium chloride): Eyewash bottle with green tip.
Neutral (pH neutral) solution: Eyewash bottle with blue tip.

Contents :

  • 1 saline solution ml 250
  • 1 kidney bowl
  • 1 bag of instant ice
  • 1 pair of scissors
  • 2 sterile eye gauzes
  • 2 sterile gauzes 18x40 cm
  • 1 sterile disposable gloves-2 pcs
  • 1 packet of paper handkerchiefs
  • 1 spool of plaster cm.1x2 m.
  • 1 leaflet
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