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Work Gloves in Grain Leather Back Split Top A Bordered 01 pair | UFO

Work Gloves in Grain Leather Back Split Top A Bordered 01 pair | UFO

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Work glove in grain leather back grade split edged | UFO

In your work environment, you do all kinds of general handling work. This leather handling glove is often used for intermediate work (light handling in dry environments). It offers good dexterity and good general protection against mechanical hazards. It can therefore be used by farmers, maintenance of green spaces, craftsmen, transport, logistics, removals...
American style glove in cowhide leather, palm and return index in natural grain and back in split leather. The glove has a webbed thumb, a jointed assembly and an elastic braid on the back of the glove.

Excellent quality grain leather glove, split leather back, with elastic wrist band, hemmed finish, wing thumb, excellent quality "TOP" model, size 9-10-11.

The different types of manipulation according to the tasks to be performed:

First of all, it is necessary to define the tasks that require hand protection. Then, for each of these identified tasks, it will be necessary to define the type of handling, which will determine the type of glove you will need.

Heavy handling: includes all heavy work, i.e. heavy construction, which does not require dexterity but great resistance to mechanical aggression. Strong gloves must be worn.
Light handling: for light jobs, which require precision and dexterity, without the need for great mechanical strength. Need to wear gloves that offer a good compromise between resistance and precision.
Precision work - fine handling: for all fine jobs that require high precision. Requires the use of precision gloves.

Different working environments:

You will then have to define your working environment according to the tasks you perform. This environment will determine the choice of material used, glove lining, etc. You should then ask yourself:

  • If you work in a dry environment
  • If you work in a humid environment
  • If you work in an oily or greasy environment
  • If you work in a cold environment
  • Or vice versa if you work in a hot environment
  • Or if you work in an Explosive Atmosphere

Standards :

EN 420 - Protective gloves - General requirements
EN 388 - Protective gloves against mechanical risks

  • Abrasion resistance: level 3/4
  • Cut resistance: level 1/5
  • Tear resistance: level 4/4
  • Puncture resistance: level 3/4
  • Cut resistance ISO EN 13997: level X/F (not tested)

Gloves measurements:

9 - 10 - 11

Color :

Natural gray with red edges on the wrist

So with all these elements, you know which type of glove you should choose and which standard it should comply with. To verify the suitability of a glove for handling and the work environment, other elements can help you, such as the type of glove assembly, the gauge of your glove, and the material and lining of the glove. This is what we present to you below. You can then check point by point that the glove meets your needs.

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