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Hydro-expansive Waterstop Bentonite Joint (Full Pack) | PROLINE

Hydro-expansive Waterstop Bentonite Joint (Full Pack) | PROLINE

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Hydro-expansive waterstop bentonite joint

It is used as a water stopper in the concrete casting joints.

The joint is composed of 75% sodium bentonite and 25% organic binder.

Once in contact with the concrete casting, the joint expands its volume, sealing and waterproofing the construction joint from any infiltrations from the outside and completely filling the small voids or gravel nests which are generally frequent on the bottom of vertical castings .

Effective waterproofing with BentoFait bentonite joint

Effective waterproofing with BentoFait bentonite joint
BentoFait is a waterstop bentonite joint, with a 25x20mm section, made up of natural sodium bentonite, which expands by 600% in contact with water, allowing to definitively seal and waterproof construction joints, construction joints, around bodies bushings, closing joints, counter piles, etc.

A typical application of the bentonite joint is in the waterproofing of construction and connection joints, on concrete structures located at water level.
Integrated into concrete construction joints, the curb expands in contact with water sealing the structure. Thanks also to the high expansion capacity, it also penetrates damaged areas thus allowing to seal gravel nests, cracks, etc.

The BentoFait bentonite joint is not only easy, cheap and quick to install, but also provides a permanent seal, thanks to the quality of the material. It guarantees total safety, excluding potential defects that may derive from conventional construction, as well as all losses deriving from water infiltration.


BentoFait is a hydro-expansive waterstop, which expands approximately 600% of its original volume when dry.
Does not expand during installation.
Environmentally friendly and easy to use bentonite joint: it does not dissolve in water and is non-polluting.
Possibility of installation using simple steel nails.
The highly elastic and plastic properties of the joint easily balance the initial hydraulic shrinkage of the concrete.
BentoFait can fill small gravel nests.

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