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Instant ice bag in pe box of 25 units | UFO

Instant ice bag in pe box of 25 units | UFO

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Instant Ice, PE bag, Box of 25 units

"Flash ice" bags are recommended for cryotherapy. Excellent in case of trauma to relieve pain and prevent bruising, swelling, etc.
Fast and easy to use, anywhere, anytime. Squeeze bag to break inner bag and shake to mix contents. The resulting mixture lowers the temperature of the bag. Reacts at -6°C reaching 0°C in 30 minutes (at an ambient temperature of 20°C).

Sport Dry Ice / Disposable instant ice bag in PE (PVC type). Instant dry ice bag, useful for treating or relieving pain. PE bag. Disposable instant ice packs. For the First Aid of small and large traumas, a slight pressure on the bag is enough to instantly obtain an ice pack. In fact, cryotherapy has the purpose of putting the painful part to sleep and treating it, since the cold produces an analgesic action. Since ancient times, ice and snow have been used for anesthetic purposes, and nowadays "the bag or the ice spray" are widely used in sports traumatology as an adjunct to trauma or medical gymnastics treatments. Today, in addition to these, chemical-based medications are used. The application of cryotherapy after a trauma greatly reduces the consequences linked to an inflammatory or rupture phase. This treatment is useful from the first day up to two weeks after the injury.


  • COMFORTABLE COLD: Disposable cold pack can be used to cool for about 30 minutes in -6°C cold!
  • USE: Vigorously squeeze the water bubble inside the bag with both hands. Shake the bag vigorously and place it on the sore area!
  • VERSATILE: Cold packs are also great for chilling drinks! No need to chill freezer packs or carry bulky freezers beforehand! Simply package and chill your drinks in a suitable container if needed!
  • PAIN RELIEF: The packs work locally to relieve pain and are suitable for example for bruises, sprains and when cold therapy is needed.
  • Warning: For external use only!


  • Maintains the temperature at 0° for up to 30 minutes
  • Ready-to-use ice pack


This device is widely used in the Emergency Department, in Sports, by Dentists in the Emergency Sector. Excellent in all cases of trauma to soothe the pain and prevent the formation of hematomas, swelling, etc.; Ready at any place and time. From -6°C to 0°C in 30 minutes (at room temperature 20°C).

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