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5kg CO2 en 3-7 portable fire extinguisher | UFO

5kg CO2 en 3-7 portable fire extinguisher | UFO

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5 Kg CO2 EN3-7 portable fire extinguisher

The first tool to fight a fire!
When a fire breaks out, the fire extinguisher is the first solution to fight the fire and limit its spread.
The extinguishing agent used is carbon dioxide (CO2).
Suitable for Class B fires and electrical appliances.
UFO recommends the purchase of a 5 kg CO2 fire extinguisher.

5 Kg CO2 fire extinguisher, operating temperature from -20°C to +60°C, built in accordance with the UNI EN 3-7 standard (DM 7.1.2005), approved Marine Equipment Directive MED 2014/90/EU, certified according to the pressure equipment directive PED 2014/68/EU .

  • Available with wall support.
  • CO2 extinguishers for class B fires (liquid or liquefied solid fires) and electrical equipment fires.
  • Made of steel with a polyester resin coating.
  • Valve body in nickel-plated brass with a rupture disc which acts as a safety device, allowing rapid and complete discharge in the event of excess pressure.
  • The cone is made of polyamide and allows perfect diffusion of carbon dioxide, thus ensuring rapid cooling and extinguishing of the fire.
  • The valve is made of a single piece of cast brass.
  • The large diameter safety pin allows for an easy grip, even with safety gloves.
  • Steel spring.
  • The steel wall bracket ensures easy access to the fire extinguisher when needed.
  • External parts protected against corrosion.
  • The choice of fire extinguisher is determined according to the EN3 standard by
  • the type of potential fires to be covered,
  • the premises and the activity carried out in the area to be protected,
  • the regulations.

- All fire extinguishers are voluntarily certified with Product Quality control guaranteed by Bureau Veritas Italia.
- Can be used on live electrical equipment up to 1,000 V, at a distance of 1 m.


- Casing: In AA6061 aluminum alloy, external epoxy-polyester powder coating, Ral 3000 red colour.
- Extinguishing Agent: Carbon Dioxide 99.99%.
- Valve: brass CPF M 25X2, levers painted in red RAL3000.
- Use: Class B fires (flammable liquids).
- Support: Wall-mounted in steel with pin supplied as standard.

Technical specifications:

- Fire Class: 113 B
- Extinguishing agent: Co2 99.99%
- Operating temperature: -20°C / +60°C
- Nominal Load: 5 Kg
- Dimensions Height (base-valve): 670 mm - Diameter: 152 mm
- Download time: 15 sec.
- Valve Tightening Torque: Minimum 95 Nm, Maximum 130 Nm
- Tank Testing Pressure: PT 212 Bar
- Tank volume: 7.5 L.
- Safety valve: Intervention at 195 + 15/-23 bar
- Tank material: AA6061 aluminum alloy
- External/Internal Treatment: Sandblasting and Red Ral 3000 epoxy polyester powder coating

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