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Zirconia Grinder Disc Diameter 115 -10 Pieces | PROLINE

Zirconia Grinder Disc Diameter 115 -10 Pieces | PROLINE

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Disk size

Zirconia grinder disc, diameter 115

Good flap discs, fast and very strong sanding. The advantage is that the discs, when they start to wear out, can be used for small touch-ups or small things. Particularly suitable for machining steel, cast iron and sheet metal. High removal rate and long life due to self-sharpening ceramic grit

  • Zirconium grit for increased hardness and durability
  • Very strong with superior removal capacity
  • Low noise level

UFO flap discs provide an aggressive, long lasting solution for grinding fillet welds, tee joints and other hard to reach areas. The 90° angled blade design fits perfectly into corners, while the phenolic backing gives the blades stability. This combination optimizes the contact between the flap and the metal, resulting in exceptional feel and control for the operator, when grinding or finishing

competitive advantage:

- Aggressive Grinding - Disc attacks metal, removing more material in less time, so the job gets done faster
- Long life - Allows you to grind steel, stainless steel, aluminum and other hard-to-grind metals for longer periods of time, reducing operating costs
- Flexibility - Angled blades allow the operator to grind at a more or less wide angle, making it easier to reach hard to reach places
- Smooth finish - When grinding fillet welds, the angled flaps reduce the risk of puncturing the workpiece

Professional flap discs

These flap discs are made of high quality aluminum oxide sandpaper and guarantee a high sanding performance. The maximum speed is 13300 rpm.

Vibration absorption

The glass fiber reinforcement of the sanding disc significantly reduces vibration and noise. The result is smooth and fast sanding.

Versatile and fast

Ideal for sanding and polishing wood and metals, removing rust and paint from various types of coatings.

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