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10 Pieces Cutting Sanding Disc | PROLINE

10 Pieces Cutting Sanding Disc | PROLINE

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Abrasive cutting disc

Abrasive cutting discs can be used to effectively grind, grind or polish all types of traditional metals. When using an abrasive disc, it is important to take the necessary safety precautions to protect yourself adequately.

It's a great choice when you want to smooth or deburr as thoroughly as possible. It is commonly used by metalworking professionals because it has a remarkable resistance to the abrasion work of the different materials that can be encountered.

It can be used without problems with an electric sander or grinder adapted to the size of the disc. It can be used with a sander or an electric grinder adapted to the size of the disc. It can be used to sand a variety of surfaces such as steel, chrome, nickel, titanium, bronze, cast iron, stainless steel or galvanized steel.

Features and applications

Precise and efficient cutting, fast and burr-free with minimal material loss, make your cutting project more accurate and efficient.
High performance: perfectly compatible with all angle grinders, operating up to 13,300 rpm and 80m/s.
Versatile Applications: Heavy duty sanding discs are perfect for marking stainless steel, pipes, iron, oars and all other ferrous metals.


  • Fine angle grinder discs, designed to help you master the most demanding jobs and materials
  • Increased speed and durability - longer lasting and faster cutting discs with zirconia abrasive grains on a fine wheel
  • More precision, less waste - a disc thickness of less than 2mm is essential when you need to achieve precise results while preserving the material
  • Specially designed for cutting stainless steel - less than 0.1% iron, sulfur or chlorine to minimize burrs or discoloration and resist overheating
  • Increased grinder safety - these stainless steel cutting discs meet the EN 12413 abrasive tool safety standard


  • Recommended for cutting stainless steel because the high cutting speed creates less heat
  • Cutting stainless steel, including sheet metal, tubes, spacer rails and angle sections
  • Cutting metal including reinforcing bars, spacer rails, angle sections, pipes and sheet metal
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