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Fire Hose Hydrant Sign in Painted Aluminum Plate 25x31 cm | UFO

Fire Hose Hydrant Sign in Painted Aluminum Plate 25x31 cm | UFO

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Sign with 'Fire Hose' symbol in flat painted aluminium

Easy to understand thanks to the pictogram.
Fire safety signs indicating the presence of a fire hose.
Easy to understand, thanks to the combination of an explicit symbol.
Made in aluminium

We recommend that the sign be placed in an accessible place and at a height that is visible from all directions.
The choice of format must be in accordance with the regulations, which are indicated in the notes.

Standard fire signs - Fire lance - Hydrant N°

Fire hose

they are tools that connect the nozzle to the fire hydrant and allow you to dispense water in order to put out a fire. For correct use, it is necessary to unroll the hose by spreading it out and avoiding creating blocks caused by bends which would prevent the water from flowing to the lance.

Rectangular fire safety signs, combining a pictogram with a standard text, for greater effectiveness.

Pictogram accompanied by an explanatory text "Fire lance - Hydrant N°".
Ideal for indicating the location of fire fighting equipment.

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