Scarpe da lavoro per un meccanico

Work shoes for a mechanic

Work shoes for mechanics are mainly a special protection of the feet against mechanical injuries, which are easy to buy in the workshop. All work performed is associated with the risk of minor or serious injury. A small mistake, such as falling on the feet of a heavy object, can lead to the prospect of walking in a cast for many months or worse. That's why today we look at which work and safety shoes are recommended for mechanics!

Auto mechanic work boots

The job of an auto mechanic requires sacrifice. Tasks performed under the frame can be quite exhausting and can be a simple mistake. Moving heavier objects or removing individual car parts can also expose the user to minor or serious injury. Work shoes for mechanics are a solution dedicated to all car mechanics (and not only), which will minimize the risk of unwanted adventures!

Car workshop shoes must be stable, non-slip and comfortable. It is very good when the work shoes are made of natural materials (e.g. grain leather or nubuck). This will allow the feet to breathe, which is important for many hours of work. An excellent example are the NEW MERCURY ( S1P SRC ) leather safety shoes :

It's also worth mentioning that safety work shoes should come with added safety. It is worth paying attention to the type of insole and sole. Some models are equipped with special anti-puncture inserts that protect against injury from stepping on a sharp object. Instead of such an insert , work shoes can have a reinforced sole structure (metal frame), which is responsible for the same functions.

Another key feature that good work shoes for auto mechanics must exhibit is resistance to crushing. Car parts can weigh a lot. Protection against injuries resulting from crushing the foot with a heavy object should be the basic criterion for choosing good footwear. For this reason, the risk of injury is significantly reduced by shoes that have steel toe caps. The upper of the shoe, stiffened with metal elements, will ensure that if a heavy object falls, nothing bad happens to your feet. The plunger must be made of durable steel and resistant to shocks with energy up to 200 J and crushing up to 15 kN.

Shoes for the automotive workshop

When choosing work shoes, don't forget the height of the upper. Work in the workshop is physically demanding. Unless we work in a closed, air-conditioned factory, the choice of shoes for the current season is of great importance. Fortunately, manufacturers have also prepared offers of comfortable flat shoes and even work sandals. Such shoes for mechanics allow comfortable movement even for a long time in hot weather. At the same time, their special design protects the feet from mechanical accidents no worse than high-top shoes. Sandals for special mechanics can also be shock resistant up to 200 J and crush resistant up to 15 kN. This is demonstrated, among others, by the URANUS -S1 SRC suede safety sandals :

Work shoes for mechanics should also be resistant to oils, greases and petroleum derivatives. After all, contact with them in this type of work is daily bread. It is worth paying attention to the sole material. Modern synthetic materials, such as PU / PU, PU / TPU, will be resistant to oil, petrol and anti electrostatic. The thick, non-slip sole prevents slipping, which can be dangerous in the context of equipment, work tools and electromechanical elements.

Additional benefits of the specialist footwear presented are thermal insulation and ventilation, which will result in everyday working comfort. Weight absorption, especially in the heel, will help maintain healthy posture and reduce the negative impact of work on joint health. The differences are felt years later, when even hard work will not lead to negative changes.

As you can see from the examples above, auto mechanic shoes aren't just footwear. It is a full-fledged working tool that allows you to stay in good shape and health. Choosing ordinary sports shoes for work in the workshop is not worth it. A well-chosen pair of specialist footwear can be used for many years, effectively ensuring occupational safety.
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