Scarpe da lavoro per saldatura: che tipo di calzature di sicurezza per saldatori acquistare?

Welding work shoes: what kind of safety shoes for welders to buy?

Specialist work footwear has been specially produced for specific occupational groups, characterized by specific protective properties.

Welder's work shoes are definitely one of these types. Their main task is to prevent welding sparks from entering the safety footwear.

Welding shoes should come above the ankle, so they're mostly in the form of work boots. Professional work shoes for the welder have a special flap that protects the laces, better equipped with a quick release system. Buckles that will allow you to quickly put on and take off your shoes in an emergency will work best in this case.

Welding shoes are made of high quality materials that are resistant to sparks and hot metal splashes. Furthermore, their sole should have anti-slip and antistatic properties and be resistant to petrol, oils and other types of organic solvents.

Work shoes for the welder. It is sewn from threads that are resistant to high temperatures and various types of mechanical damage. Kevlar threads used primarily for making shoes and welding clothing will work best. Depending on the additional risks that may occur in this type of work , welding safety shoes can be equipped with a protective toe cap and anti-puncture insert.

When choosing work footwear for the welder , the comfort of their use is also important, so great importance should be attached to matching the appropriate size and model of footwear to the individual needs of the welder.

A wide range of welding work shoes is available in our UFO SPACE shop and UFO health and safety warehouse available in a large size and a wide price range. All models of welder's shoes are available in green and black, thanks to which they will perfectly match the other elements of the employee's protective suit. A significant portion of welding shoes have a sole made from dual density polyurethane, the first layer is made from a soft, comfortable material that is ideal for contact with the foot, while the second layer is made from a tough, hard material intended for contact with the ground.

It's also worth looking for safety shoes that will have energetic cushioning under the heel. In the offer of our health and safety shop you will find shoes with a steel or composite toe cap from well-known manufacturers. The Metal Free welding shoes are a real success, they are made completely without the use of metallic materials.

Working in harsh conditions will also require waterproof properties, which will provide you with work shoes for an S3 welder. For reasons of safety at work, we should choose models that offer the highest level of protection adapted to the specific working conditions. We invite you !

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