Scarpe da lavoro dispositivi di protezione individuale essenziali

Work shoes essential personal protective equipment

Work shoes are essential personal protective equipment in some workplaces, such as construction, warehousing, factories and kitchens; they protect your feet, help prevent injuries from falling objects or compression, and can be worn throughout the working day.

Types of protection:

Safety footwear comes in many designs and sizes; traditional ones usually contain reinforced toe caps to protect the feet from shocks, toe caps that nowadays can be made of materials such as aluminum or thermoplastic materials without having to resort to the use of metal. As such, they are needed in hazardous locations or where heavy object handling occurs. Steel or composite toe caps for toes are typically used in warehouses, where there's a greater likelihood of heavy objects falling on your feet.

For even more hazardous environments, more robust protective footwear is required. Our range offers cut protection, penetration resistant steel midsoles and abrasion resistant safety footwear . These shoes and boots can offer protection in potentially dangerous fields, such as landscaping and tree surgery, or anywhere heavy machinery is operated. Impact resistant safety shoes are available to even provide protection against vibrations.

Waterproof shoes can provide comfort and safety in harsh weather or humid environments, but sometimes you need more robust liquid protection. In our range you will also find safety boots, footwear and boots which provide resistance to oils and chemicals, acids and even grease.

For milder safety needs, more comfortable footwear is available, such as a pair of slip-on work shoes with padded collars, reinforced polymer toe caps, or non-slip soles for wet work environments. This type of safety footwear does not have to be bulky and uncomfortable.

Whether it's handling heavy objects, working with chemicals or needing products with antibacterial, antistatic or ESD safety properties, appropriate work shoes are a standard requirement in many work environments. Our range of protective footwear includes high quality shoes, ideal for all applications.

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