doppie suole sono usate nelle scarpe antinfortunistiche

Double soles are used in safety shoes

Among the material combinations for safety shoe soles on the market, double-layer soles have become the most cost-effective and best solution. The anti-wear and anti-slip properties of the sole can protect the sole of the foot, and the light and soft characteristics of the midsole can be used to protect the sole. To achieve comfort when walking, reminder: this article is not about rubber soles.

The current best combination method is RU/PU. Rubber (RU) is used to make the outsole and polyurethane (PU) is used as the midsole. Then the sole is made by adhesive or chemical adhesion and the adhesion function of PU itself. Glue it to the midsole.

There is also a combination sole, PU/TPU (polyurethane/thermoplastic polyurethane). The TPU outsole is extremely durable and wear resistant. The midsole is made of polyurethane, which is comfortable and comfortable to wear. The thermoplastic polyurethane sole meets the needs of contemporary designers. This is because the TPU outsole can produce colors. The bright soles and the craftsmanship of the soles can also be varied

The soles can be made in one color or two colors. It mainly depends on the market positioning and design concept of the safety footwear developer . Don't choose safety shoes based on color. It depends on the demands of the job. It is best to choose the best from the company's budget. It's best to be in the working environment early. After you try it, choose the appropriate variety. UFO provides safety and puncture resistant shoes, anti-static shoes, acid and alkali resistant safety shoes and other categories of testing services.

The other is a dual-layer sole made of a PU/PU (polyurethane/polyurethane) material combination. Both the sole and the midsole are in polyurethane. For the sole it is necessary to use a particularly dense polyurethane material to maintain the characteristics of resistance to abrasion and of the method of the sole; for the midsole, for reasons of comfort, it is necessary to select polyurethane foam

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