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Do I need high or low work shoes?

It is often necessary to wear work shoes, this is because work shoes protect your feet from unsafe working conditions. A safety shoe may have a safety nose, safety sole or non-slip sole, but the shoe must be nice and comfortable, otherwise you will still suffer from aching feet. In this blog, we take a closer look at high or low work shoes.

Different models of work shoes

There are different types of work shoes that are suitable for different working conditions and different feet. You have work clogs, work boots, loafers, a work sneaker, or a high or low work shoe. It is advisable to first consider for which work the work shoes are to be used. Then you can look at your personal preferences or needs.


Low work shoe

Low model

A low model work shoe is very popular, because you can move your foot more flexibly than with a high work shoe. If you squat or kneel a lot while working, a low-cut work shoe is nice, because your foot and ankle are more mobile. Low work shoes are therefore often worn by drivers, road workers, plumbers and painters, but also by firefighters and in the agricultural sector. If you squat or kneel a lot, we recommend choosing a low model with a nose rub. The scratch guard protects the nose of your shoe when kneeling and squatting and ensures that the leather on the nose does not wear out. A scratch guard can therefore extend the life of your shoe.


High work shoe

High model

A high-top work shoe , on the other hand, provides plenty of firmness and support around the ankles and heel. When you compromise on flexibility, this is compensated for by firmness and support. Not only are the ankles protected, but the Achilles tendon also offers optimal protection with a high work shoe. A wider part of the foot is protected and greater strength and stability are provided with high-top work shoes. High work shoes are widely used in the construction sector, in warehouses, in the professional kitchen and when working on uneven ground.

Within the high-top work shoe, there are also work shoes that offer extra stability.

Lightweight work shoes

Protective work shoes are always equipped with a safety toe cap, often made of steel, aluminum or composite material. The advantage of composite and aluminum is that these materials are as strong as steel, but weigh much less. The soles in safety shoes are often made from steel or Kevlar. Kevlar, like composite and aluminum, is much lighter than steel. It's great if you wear light work shoes , because this ensures that you're less likely to suffer from sore feet.

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