Estintore A Polvere Portatile 2 Kg 13a 89BC EN3-7

Portable Powder Fire Extinguisher 2 Kg 13a 89BC EN3-7

The 2kg 13A 89BC EN3-7 Portable Powder Fire Extinguisher is an indispensable tool for ensuring safety in the event of a fire . It is a light and easy to transport appliance, which can be used to extinguish small flames indoors.

Its operation is simple: just remove the safety cap and press the lever to release the extinguishing material. The dry fire extinguisher uses pressurized powder to put out the flames, and is capable of covering an area of ​​approximately 2 square meters.

The 13A 89BC EN3-7 classification indicates that this extinguisher is capable of extinguishing class A fires, i.e. those caused by combustible materials such as wood, paper and fabrics; class B, i.e. those caused by flammable liquids such as petrol or diesel; and class C, i.e. those caused by flammable gases such as methane or propane. In addition, it has been tested and certified according to EN 3 standards, which guarantees its reliability and quality.

It is important to note that this extinguisher is only suitable for small fires and is not intended for extinguishing large fires or for professional use. Furthermore, it is necessary to periodically check the pressure level of the extinguisher and replace or recharge it if necessary, in order to always guarantee correct functioning.

In conclusion, the portable dry fire extinguisher 2 kg 13A 89BC EN3-7 is an indispensable tool to ensure safety in the event of a fire indoors. Lightweight and easy to use, it is capable of extinguishing small flames caused by combustible materials, flammable liquids and flammable gases. However, it is important to remember that it is not suitable for large fires and that its pressure level should be checked periodically.

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