Come scegliere i guanti da lavoro in maglia

How to choose knit work gloves: everything you need to know

Work gloves are a universal personal protective equipment for hands. They are fairly easy to care for and allow your hands to breathe while performing a wide variety of types of work.

The products are made from threads of various composition. They are knitted from cotton, synthetic materials, nylon and others. Mittens differ in the class of knitting and the presence of a lining. The class of knitting indicates its density. In other words, this is the number of loops per linear inch of thread. The most common coupling classes are 7a, 10a, 13a. Accordingly, the higher the knitting class, the denser the work gloves will be.

Quite often, various coatings are applied to gloves, giving them additional protective properties. The coating is mainly applied to the palm. Among the most used materials are PVC, latex, and polyurethane. Gloves lined with additional material are more resistant to abrasion and damage.

Knitted work gloves are a common way to protect your hands during gardening, repairs and housework. In the UFO SPACE range you will surely find a pair that will protect your hands . In addition, buying work gloves in bulk from the manufacturer is always much more profitable, you are guaranteed the best combination of price and quality.

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