Come può un casco di sicurezza proteggersi dagli incidenti sul lavoro

How can a safety helmet protect you from accidents at work?

The dangers for those who work on (or even visit) an industrial site are manifold and involve a considerable risk of injury, especially to the head.

Large loads placed in height or protruding sharp objects, slippery surfaces, combined with momentary inattention increase these possibilities and lead to unforeseen consequences for the health and safety of workers.

The role of personal protective equipment (PPE) in all these cases is catalytic, as long as it becomes a habit for each employee to use them diligently. As the risk cannot be eliminated within such spaces, it is very important to ensure that it does not become fatal to anyone.

What dangers do work helmets protect us from in the industrial area or on a construction site?

As mentioned above, many times workplaces hide dangers that we cannot notice ourselves, during working hours.

Therefore, the work uniform of a worker in the sector, obviously depending on its object, is absolutely necessary to include a work helmet , which protects it from:

  • Hitting objects : Parts falling from heights or striking protrusions, such as stacked raw materials, are the most common occupational hazards. In these cases, the safety helmet can effectively protect the entire surface of the head, both from vertical and lateral impacts.
  • Slipping on Slippery Surfaces : In areas such as food, beverage or chemical industries where slippery surfaces are often encountered, the risk of a strong impact in the event of a fall is high. And in this case, the use of a safety helmet proves to be a real lifesaver, as it absorbs the shock of a fall.
  • Fatalities : In the event of a serious accident during a loading operation, such as incorrect handling of a forklift, tipping over of a truck bed, etc., the chances of survival remain with the worker wearing the work helmet in that moment.
  • Sun protection : For outdoor workers, especially during the summer months, the safety helmet provides, among other things, additional protection against heat stroke, burns and fatigue. For these cases, lighter work helmets are mainly chosen, with special breathable grooves that allow the air to escape, thus offering high breathability to the worker.

How important is the quality of the building materials in a work helmet?

For several years, some European standards have been established according to which work helmets must be manufactured in order to provide complete protection to the worker in the event of an impact. The most basic and important European standard is EN 397:2012+A1:2012 .

For this reason it is very important to pay close attention to the products you choose, as there are cheap imitations on the market that do not meet the prescribed safety standards, with the result that, in the event of an accident, they cannot offer the necessary protection for the worker.

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In addition to all of the above, the work helmet is also suitable for displaying corporate identity such as the company logo, the department the employee belongs to or even his or her name can be printed on it.

In conclusion, we would like to underline that, however boring it may seem for company employees to wear helmets on a daily basis , when they realize the advantages it offers them in the event of an accident or risk to their lives, they will be happy to wear it.

As a personnel safety officer, always remember that the helmet must always be in perfect working order and fit perfectly on the wearer's head so as not to disturb him in everyday life. If it's comfortable and doesn't choke it, he'll wear it more consistently.

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