Among our main products , the DEZEGA range is undoubtedly an excellence for us and for our customers. A long-established Ukrainian company, DEZEGA is one of the world's leading developers and manufacturers of mine rescue equipment and particularly stands out when it comes to the production of self-rescuers.

Self-rescuers are products specifically designed to save people in emergency situations, when the surrounding air is unbreathable. It therefore goes without saying that they are mostly used by miners in underground tunnels and mines, as well as by all those workers on construction sites who need to work indoors where, in particular conditions, the air can become toxic. This is especially the case with events such as fires, explosions, gas leaks, structural collapses at places below the ground.

The great advantage of DEZEGA self-rescuers lies in their extremely low weight, advantageous price and practicality: they are equipment designed to be carried by the user on a daily basis either on the shoulders or over the shoulder, to be used only in the event of an emergency.

Self-rescuers can last up to 10 unused years from their date of manufacture. After this time it is advisable to replace them, as the chemicals inside them that allow the creation of oxygen can deteriorate and become less effective. However, this is an extremely long interval, which also makes the price of these items really valid and negligible, if compared to their potential operational life.

DEZEGA offers a wide range of self-rescuers, with different durations and different strengths. Among the main products are theCi-30 KS (the 30 minute self rescuer), the PVMKS (60 minutes) and the P-30EX, which can last up to 4 hours.

A peculiarity of DEZEGA is the possibility of also offering training devices, the so-called "Trainers", necessary to be able to become familiar with the self-rescuers, understand their functioning and observe their structure. The trainers can in fact be opened and closed at will: it is therefore possible to understand what the self-rescuers are made up of and train to open and close them, also testing the wearing procedure. In addition to this, you can breathe through the mouthpiece, thus testing the breathing resistance of the device and getting used to positioning it correctly in your mouth. All of this is essential in order to be ready and prepared in an emergency situation.

However, the advantages of trainers do not end here:

If it is true that, unlike real self-rescuers, the regenerative cartridge responsible for the production of oxygen is not present inside them, it is possible to purchase 15 or 30-minute kits, to be placed inside them in order to generate oxygen: in this way, the worker with the trainer he will have a full-fledged self-rescuer and will be able to recreate a complete experience, which is truly essential: the oxygen originating from the chemical reaction has a particular taste and is a little different from the usual one, which is why it is good users test it before an emergency situation. If this is not done, the workers may think that the self-rescuer is broken or faulty due to the peculiar taste, which could sometimes lead to unpleasant consequences. Finally, before the pandemic, a 15-minute cartridge could be breath tested by multiple people, making the most of the product and eliminating costs.

Before buying a self-rescuer, the purchase of a test device is therefore always recommended for the reasons mentioned above.

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