Attenzione al rumore sul posto di lavoro? Anche quella è ergonomia!

Do you pay attention to workplace noise? That too is ergonomics!

Workplace noise is an underestimated problem. However, noise pollution in many offices is on the rise due to the emergence of "open offices". An open office like this fosters collaboration, but creates a lot of noise. For example, many employees have trouble concentrating due to colleagues on the phone or in consultation, or due to music. At workplaces, the noise from machines can even increase to such an extent that it is harmful to health. We offer you some tips to counter this problem, because that too is ergonomics !

Noise in the office

A 2018 study by Oxford Economics found that nearly a third of employees surveyed use a headset to reduce distraction or noise in the office. But it 's not just headphones that are frequently used to increase concentration : these days you see acoustic desk screens in most offices . Soundproofing cabinets, sound-absorbing panels and "concentration booths" are also on the rise.

Noisy production departments?

Employees on manufacturing floors or people working outside with noisy machines (like on a construction site or building site) get a lot of noise. Their employers must therefore assess the risk of hearing damage, taking into account, inter alia, the duration of exposure to noise, the interaction between noise and vibrations, the information provided by the manufacturer on the noise emissions of its machines, etc. the measurements must be linked so that the exposure limit value does not exceed 87 dB . If this limit is not respected, employees can suffer from hearing loss, but also heart palpitations, headaches and high blood pressure.

Wear hearing protection

As soon as employees have to raise their voices to be heard, hearing protection is recommended. Headphones block out more noise than earplugs. If earplugs are opted for, custom-made ones are clearly preferred. Special booths are also possible in which employees can briefly escape the noise.
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