5 errori comuni che commettono i saldatori principianti

5 common mistakes beginner welders make

Listed below are the most common welding mistakes , especially among novice welders:

Mistake #1

Choosing the wrong current, or more than necessary or less than necessary. If a novice welder welds at high currents, he will most likely burn himself through the metal. If you work at low currents, very often the electrodes stick.

Mistake #2

Electrode movement too fast. Most often, this error occurs precisely because of the inexperience of the welder and his fear of burning the part. This means that the part will not have high quality welds or the necessary reinforcement.

Mistake #3

Weld without interruption. This error also occurs due to inexperience and leads to burning of the metal.

Mistake #4

Weld with too little gap. Welding parts are assembled with a small gap to compensate for thermal expansion. The absence of a gap can lead to deformation of the part during welding and even to its destruction. However, even a large gap is not the best way out, since the consumption of welding materials increases significantly.

Mistake #5

Incorrectly selected filter on the welding mask.

The purpose of the filter is to protect the eyes from ultraviolet radiation.

Different welding methods have different impacts:

  • manual arc welding - minimal impact;
  • CO2 semi-auto - big impact;
  • argon-arc - a very large impact.

Therefore, you need to select the appropriate number of filters. The best solution is a mask with automatic darkening based on radiation power. You also need to pay attention to the response speed of the filter - the shorter the response time, the better.

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