Kit anticaduta per carpenteria

Fall arrest kit for carpentry

The fall arrest kit for carpentry is a complete solution to ensure the safety of workers working at height. This kit includes all the essentials to protect against falls and ensure safe and comfortable work.

The fall arrest harness consists of a sternal and dorsal attachment, designed to offer full chest and back protection. The Y-shaped energy absorber with dual quick-attach hooks ensures that any falls are safely cushioned, while the quick-hook allows for quick and easy installation and removal.

In addition, the kit includes two oval iron carabiners, which are designed to withstand heavy loads and ensure reliable safety. The scaffolding helmet offers additional head protection, while the 20m horizontal fall arrest temporary lifeline allows for free and safe movement on the platform.

Finally, the kit comes with a practical nylon backpack bag, easy to carry and store. This fall arrest kit is an ideal solution for carpenters, maintenance technicians, bricklayers and anyone else who works at height.

In conclusion, the UFO carpentry fall arrest kit is an important investment to ensure the safety of workers and protect the health and life of employees. It offers a complete, easy to use and highly reliable solution for safe working at height.

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