Imbracatura di sicurezza kuiper 4 anticaduta posizionamento soccorso e per il lavoro in fune verticale

Kuiper 4 fall arrest safety harness for rescue positioning and vertical rope work

The Kuiper 4 fall arrest safety harness is designed to offer maximum protection and comfort during activities involving a risk of falling. Made from 45mm high strength polyester, it has a load capacity of 140kg and includes D-rings for dorsal, anterior and lateral attachment, a central D-ring at the waist, back and waist pads, and 5 adjustable points (shoulders, waist, thighs). This harness is CE EN 361:2002, EN358:2018, EN 1497:2007 and EN 813:2008 certified.

The Kuiper 4 safety harness is designed for a variety of tasks, such as construction, maintenance, arresting a free fall, accessing elevated platforms, climbing ladders, using towers and the rescue. The harness is easy to adjust to fit different body shapes and ensures a good level of comfort and dexterity thanks to its adjustable straps.

The Kuiper 4 harness also includes an integrated neoprene carry bag with comfort backrest, which offers extra comfort and allows for quick storage of the harness. Additionally, the harness has anti-seize buckles on the thighs that reduce user effort during a fall and an easy-to-adjust buckle on the shoulder straps for a perfect fit.

To maximize safety during activities at height, it is recommended to use the Kuiper 4 harness together with a safety helmet. This harness is suitable for use in industry and building maintenance and is an ideal solution for those working in environments with a risk of falling.

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