Imbracatura di sicurezza con cintura di posizionamento kuiper 2 + sacchetto nylon

Safety harness with kuiper 2 positioning belt + nylon pouch

The Kuiper 2 safety harness with positioning belt is a personal protective equipment designed to ensure the safety of workers working at height. Made of high-strength polyester, this harness features D-rings for dorsal and two-sided attachment, padded waist, 2 sternal fabric loops and 4 adjustable points, which allow for perfect fit and safety in any situation.

The special design with high-strength polyethylene backrest ensures maximum stability and comfort, while the plastic clip allows easy attachment to ropes or other anchor devices.

This safety harness is ideal for work positioning, free fall arrest and elevated work platforms, and is suitable for the construction and maintenance industries. In addition, the supplied nylon bag makes it easy to transport and store.

To ensure maximum safety, it is important that the harness is used correctly and adjusted to individual needs. Furthermore, it is essential to check that the belt is in good condition before each use, to ensure that it is capable of performing its function in an emergency.

In conclusion, the Kuiper 2 safety harness with positioning belt is an essential tool for the safety of workers working at height, and is an ideal choice for those who want high quality and reliable protection

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