Imbracatura di sicurezza anticaduta posizionamento e soccorso

Fall arrest positioning and rescue safety harness

The Kuiper 4 safety harness is a high quality product, designed to ensure maximum safety during work at height. Made from 45mm high strength polyester, features forged high strength D-ring on back, front chest attachment D-ring (EN 1497), 2-sided D-ring on waist belt (EN358) and back padding to ensure comfort and safety.

The harness has 6 adjustment points (chest, shoulder, waist, thigh) which allow the device to be adapted to the user's body, offering a perfect fit. In addition, the special design and the durable polyethylene backrest ensure greater stability during activities.

With a load capacity of 140kg, the Kuiper 4 safety harness is suitable for multiple industries and uses, such as construction and maintenance, free fall arrest, elevated work platform, climbing vertical ladders, tower sling, rescue and work positioning.

In conclusion, the Kuiper 4 safety harness is a reliable and safe product that offers comfort and stability during work activities at height. Thanks to its high quality and characteristics, it is an ideal solution for those who work in this sector and are looking for safety and protection.

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