Imbracatura di sicurezza anticaduta kuiper 1

Kuiper fall arrest safety harness 1

The Kuiper 1 fall arrest safety harness is a device designed to provide a high level of safety during activities involving working at high altitudes. This harness is constructed with 45mm high strength polyester and features a D-ring for dorsal attachment and a double-sided D-ring for added stability. The waist is padded to guarantee comfort during use, while the 2 sternal loops in fabric and the 4 adjustable points (chest, waist and thigh) allow perfect adherence to the body. The special design of the high-strength polyethylene back and the plastic clip further enhance its safety.

The Kuiper 1 fall arrest safety harness is ideal for tasks involving construction and maintenance work, free fall arrest, elevated work platform and work positioning. The maximum load capacity is 140 kg, ensuring high safety even for the sturdiest workers.

This safety harness is rigorously quality controlled and complies with the CE EN 361:2002 standard, ensuring it meets the highest safety standards. To ensure maximum safety, it is important to carefully follow the instructions for use and maintenance of the harness.

In conclusion, the Kuiper 1 fall arrest safety harness represents a high quality and reliable option for those who work at high altitudes. With a strong, adjustable and comfortable construction, this harness ensures maximum safety for workers working at height.

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