Cordino di posizionamento da 1,5 mt senza moschettoni

1.5 m positioning lanyard without carabiners

The 1.5m Work Positioning Lanyard without carabiners is equipment designed to guarantee the safety of workers at height. Made from heavy duty 12mm Kernmantle material, this positioning lanyard is capable of withstanding pulls of up to 200-300kg. This makes it a great solution for use on aerial work platforms.

The length of 1.5 m and the diameter of 12 mm ensure a good grip for easy handling. Furthermore, the polyester rope used guarantees flexibility and constant performance over time.

The Positioning Lanyard is complete with protective plastic eyelets to ensure additional safety. However, this version does not include carabiners, so it is only suitable for use as a positioning system, not as a restraint system.

With regards to safety, it is important to note that this lanyard should not be used in environments where there is a risk of falling. The security system to be used must be precisely defined in each place where it will be used.

In summary, the 1.5m Work Positioning Lanyard without carabiners is reliable and safe equipment for positioning workers at height. Compliant with CE EN 354:2010, it is an ideal solution for those looking for high quality safety equipment.

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