Cordino di posizionamento 1,5 mt con 1 moschettone

1.5 m positioning lanyard with 1 carabiner

The positioning lanyard with length of 1.5 meters and made of 12 mm Kermantle material is an essential safety equipment for those working at great heights. Kermantle, a resistant and robust material, guarantees greater safety during use.

The lanyard is equipped with protective eyelets and a single oval carabiner, which allows for quick and secure installation. This carabiner is designed for added security, making the lanyard suitable for long-term and reliable use in any situation.

The work positioning lanyard is certified to the requirements of the CE EN 354:2010 standard, ensuring it has undergone rigorous quality control and is safe for use in an aerial work environment.

In summary, the 1.5m long Work Positioning Lanyard made in 12mm Kermantle is essential equipment for those working at great heights. With its robustness, CE certification and the presence of a single oval carabiner, it offers greater safety and reliability during use. The lanyard is suitable for work positioning and aerial work platform.

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