Assorbitore di energia ad y con doppio gancio attacco rapido

Y-shaped energy absorber with double quick coupling hook

The Y-shaped energy absorber with double quick coupling hook is a fundamental component for safety in jobs that require stopping any free falls. This product is designed to guarantee maximum protection in dangerous situations and guarantees optimal safety for those who use it.

The energy absorber is made of high-quality materials, such as 45 mm high-strength polyester, which guarantee high resistance and durability. The length of 1800 mm ensures that the absorber is suitable for a wide range of situations and its flexibility allows for efficient and comfortable use.

The design includes an energy absorber, a carabiner and two self-locking clip carabiners, ensuring easy activation in an emergency. These elements are designed to work together to ensure optimal protection in the event of a free fall.

The quick coupler double hook Y energy absorber is designed for use in work situations such as free fall arrest and aerial work platform. This product has been tested and complies with the CE EN 355:2002 standard, guaranteeing a high level of safety for the user.

In conclusion, the Y energy absorber with double quick coupling hook is an essential product for the safety of workers in dangerous situations. Its robustness, ease of use and compliance with CE standards ensure a high level of safety in the event of an emergency.

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